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Is it time for you to get more Retirement Income with 30% less money… All without owning stocks or mutual funds?

How Do You Get More Retirement Income With 30% Less Money, With Out Owning Stocks or Mutual Funds?   

In order to mitigate risk and provide a solution to enhance your income stream we developed a Smart Money Guide. In this guide you will find two investment scenarios that provide solutions to the three topics below:

1. Manage Risk you’ll face in retirement, such as:

  • Market/sequence of returns – the risk of market losses, which can be especially detrimental in the early years of retirement
  • Longevity – the risk of outliving retirement assets
  • Inflation – the risk of rising costs in retirement

2. Generates more financial security and peace of mind through benefits, such as:

  • Predictable income that will not fluctuate
  • Sustainable income that will last as long as you live
  • Reduced upfront investment requirements

3. Provides more cash on hand for greater flexibility in spending needs, such as:

  • Covering medical emergencies cost
  • Paying for unexpected home or auto repairs
  • Purchasing of luxury goods or services
  • Ability to invest in other assets options

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