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Is it time for you to get more Retirement Income with 30% less money… All without owning stocks or mutual funds?

Retirement Income Needs Analysis

Before we talk about “How To Get More Retirement Income With 30% Less Money” lets first establish the most important and often overlooked step in planning for retirement:

Determining How Much Recurring Monthly Income You Will Need!

Top 5 things to consider when determining required monthly income: 


Expected Monthly Living Expenses


Lifestyle Cost and Purchase Behavior of Luxury Items


Cost of Leisure Activities


 Unexpected Home Repair Cost



Pro Tip:

Be realistic and honest with yourself when determining your expected cost.  Make sure you don’t over or underestimate items. 

That said….

Often times meeting with a financial professional whom provides an impartial evaluation is the best way to determine and achieve such required monthly income goals.

Okay! Now that you have a rough idea of what your required monthly income is, let’s talk about the pressures that come along with achieving it!

Are You Feeling The Pressure

Feeling the immense pressure to grow financial assets to a level that is sustainable throughout retirement is something we all experience.

During this period of time individuals will often go about achieving financial longevity by investing in stocks and or mutual funds, as many due.

Regrettably this method of investment allocation is where the problem can lie and individuals that are untrained investors often are not privy to the inefficiency.  

All that said…. Yes, being fully invested in these types of markets can have great rewards. However, it also has risk which can lead to exposed assets that are subject to market volatility and losses which is difficult to overcome later on in life. 

Does This Look Familiar?

So How Do You Avoid The Risk?

How Do You Get More Retirement Income With 30% Less Money, Without Owning Stocks or Mutual Funds?   

In order to mitigate risk and provide a solution to enhance your income stream we developed a Smart Money Guide. In this guide you will find two investment scenarios that provide solutions to the three topics below:

1. Manage Risk you’ll face in retirement, such as:

  • Market/sequence of returns – the risk of market losses, which can be especially detrimental in the early years of retirement
  • Longevity – the risk of outliving retirement assets
  • Inflation – the risk of rising costs in retirement

2. Generates more financial security and peace of mind through benefits, such as:

  • Predictable income that will not fluctuate
  • Sustainable income that will last as long as you live
  • Reduced upfront investment requirements

3. Provides more cash on hand for greater flexibility in spending needs, such as:

  • Covering medical emergencies cost
  • Paying for unexpected home or auto repairs
  • Purchasing of luxury goods or services
  • Ability to invest in other assets options

No More… I’m Ready!

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