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Retirement is often emotional – it’s a rather strange feeling when your career comes to an end, but it also means that you finally have the time and freedom to devote your days to new occupations.

Leaving active life is an opportunity for you to completely change your lifestyle, which in itself is rather exciting and stimulating… but also a little intimidating! If you’ve officially finished your metro-work-sleep routine, here’s the best way to get the most out of your retirement.

1. Take Advantage Of Retirement To Take Stock Of Your Journey.

Now is the perfect time to look back on all the experience you have gained. It is not only about your professional accomplishments, but also about recognizing the successes you have accumulated outside of work over the years; whether it’s the decades you’ve dedicated to meticulously organizing school plays or clever renovations to the homes you’ve occupied. Make a list of those achievements starting with the ones you’re most proud of – then use that as a roadmap to plan your next project.

2. Retired? Share Your Wisdom with Others

As you build your career and raise a family, you naturally had to share your experience with others. Now that you are no longer working, it seems that while you still have a lot of wisdom to offer, you have few people to share it with. Use your retirement to find opportunities to pass on your wisdom, whether that’s volunteering or taking on a part-time role at a local business (bonus: you’ll make some extra money!)

3. Take Advantage Of Retirement To Renew Yourself!

Don’t mope about who you were – remember, the ball is in your court. As you put away your work clothes, decide on a new look. If you want to get in better shape, sign up for the gym, join a walking group, start an open water swim team, in short, do what you want.

Consider a new haircut or color with your hairstylist, rework your makeup with the help of your favorite boutique consultant, or make an appointment with a professional for inspiration. With retirement, you finally have the chance to treat yourself, so make the most of it.

4. Take Advantage of Your Retirement to Learn New Things

Take advantage of retirement to try out a new language, a musical instrument, a whole new way of cooking, or lessons for fun … the list is endless when it comes to learning new knowledge or skills. Going back to school after 50 can be incredibly rewarding. So, from part-time and evening classes to distance learning courses, trying or learning something new is a pleasure that you absolutely must not miss!

5. Take Advantage of Your Retirement to Fill Your Agenda

Retirement can be confusing, especially if you’re one of those people who enjoy well-structured days. If so, embrace the routine and craft a new schedule that uses all that free time. Plan lunches, extended vacations, theater trips, long walks, and quiet exhibitions with friends you haven’t had time to see recently.

But beware, your schedule can fill up so quickly that you also need to start planning time for rest. And now that you finally have the time, take a trip with your partner more often.

6. Take Advantage of Your Retirement to Take Care of Yourself

Mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, grandmother … you hold a place in the hearts of so many people, but you also remain a whole person. Usually, when you find yourself with some free time on hand, you probably devote it to taking care of your grandchildren, to get involved in a friend’s project, or to help your loved ones in case of need. But, for once, your first concern is you!

Do you have projects that you always wanted to accomplish but never found the time? Plant your own vegetable garden? Pick up a dog? Set sail? Now is the time to get started for your physical and psychological well-being. Taking care of yourself will keep you feeling younger and more energetic for longer – and don’t neglect the little things like your dental hygiene.

7. Take Advantage of Your Retirement to Set Yourself Up For New Challenges

Retirement frees you from the constraints of work, but setting yourself up for new challenges is always beneficial. The bravest people are those who put themselves into projects that require effort and persistence, so make a list of situations that you have always found intimidating – learning to dive for example, or overcoming stage fright. Persevere until you have crossed them all off your list… This will help keep you confident.


Practice a Sports Activity

Take time for yourself, for example following a daily fitness program. Contrary to what you can imagine, playing sports is a very ingenious way to occupy yourself, and to preserve your health at the same time. It’s a way to open up to others, step out of your comfort zone, appreciate life differently and experience more fun than you’ve ever before.


While you were still in business, there were undoubtedly some tourist destinations that made you dream. So, take advantage of your retirement to visit them, and offer yourself moments of pleasure and relaxation. Traveling is one of the most satisfying hobbies. Not only does this allow you to have a change of scenery, but also to discover new landscapes and other cultures.

From a financial point of view, all you need to do is prepare well so as not to feel the weight, although some destinations are relatively affordable, and still offer interesting leisure activities for a senior who is no longer in office.


The start of retirement opens a new phase for those who have worked their entire lives. After years marked by professional and family commitments, we arrive at a more domestic dimension, filled with free time, without any demanding obligation.

Engaging in leisure activities is not just “something extra”, but real anti-aging therapy. Leisure activities help the elderly to stay alert, stimulate memory, and the speed of reaction of the brain.

Now is the time or never, try your hand at hobbies you never would have thought of; theater lessons, painting, music, dance…!


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